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Drupal Hosting

Social Media Optimization Services

We present your brand on social media platforms in such a way that it becomes word of mouth. Social media platforms contain a large number of users. As of today, Facebook boasts a staggering number of 2.14 billion users. Instagram also has 1 billion active monthly users. These numbers contain millions of potential customers for different products and services whom we target for our client’s businesses.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram carries the attention of 59% of the internet users boasting 1 billion monthly active users. It is amongst the most famous social media platforms where you can reach millions of people that may contain potential customers for your business. Our mission is to target those potential customers towards your business and build their trust in your brand.

We provide our clients with a dedicated team of expert business professionals, along with unique ideas to attract businesses related to any niche. The images we use for Instagram are creative and effective for generating leads

Facebook Marketing

To promote your services and products on the internet to the biggest possible audiences, you need to invest in social media platforms for their large number of users. Facebook the best place to invest in the advertisement of your products and services as it has 2.14 billion users as of 2019. Facebook allows you to target the audience of your requirements, helping you specify by the age group, location, or niche.

The marketing services provided by e-fandrai allows you to boost your business on Facebook and get connected with the targeted clients and build long-term customer relationships.

Youtube Marketing

YouTube is the world’s largest website for videos and influencers. It is the most popular website among the masses after Google. Youtube is the second largest search engine, where people get what they want. YouTube has also become an effective marketing platform for businesses around the world.

e-fandrai’s team of professionals is an expert in youtube marketing. We will take your business to the new heights with our unique and effective ideas of marketing. We provide the best possible solution for all types of social media marketing platforms.

PHP & MySql Development

PHP and MySQL are significant and widely utilized open-source technologies that are ideal for quick development of database-driven web applications or customized websites.

Our professional web developers constantly provide the most extensive PHP web applications and solutions for all commercial areas with outstanding domain expertise.

  • Easy Authentication system
  • Clean and simple API
  • Faster and Less Costly

Breathtaking, efficiently designed websites that are an asset

Our developers can ensure that the back-end of your website is clean, smooth-flowing, glitch-free and easily maintainable. Our developers can also make use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress in order to provide you with back-end access to transform and update your website. Contact us today to get more information on our unbeatable offers on web design and development packages. With our help, you can be sure that visitors to your site will end up becoming customers, making your online sales grow.


Your competitors already have a website!
This gives them the edge when it comes to attracting new clients, which means that your potential clients will find them online. Do not get left behind!

Unlike actual brochures, websites are not restricted by page sizes, printing costs and production time. A website can be updated in a matter of seconds, affording your brand the opportunity to offer your customers information that is relevant and up to date with what’s happening in your business.

In today’s modern age of technology, consumers expect a company to have an online presence and a working website. Having a website lends credibility and authenticity to your brand and helps consumers to relate to your product.